October 07, 2020

GPM Holds Employee Engagement Activities through GPM Funnies 2.0

For four weeks Global Process Manager, Inc. (GPM) employees have been interacting with each other every Wednesday playing fun virtual games for GPM Funnies 2.0. Encouraged by our president, Erik Nielsen, Jona Alcasid organized the games and according to her it is for the employees to stay in touch and feel a sense of togetherness. She also said “It’s like a virtual happy hour for us! Playing games while we’re all connected would be fun for the employees.”

Starting September 16, 2020 different games were played every week through Microsoft Teams namely: Read My Lips, Brain Teaser, 20 Questions: All About GPM and Guess the sound.

Read My Lips was a game where everyone needed to guess what the model, Jubi Gutierrez, was saying while she was on mute. To help guide the participants, a hint was given. The answers were related to the Christmas season. There were words like monito and monita, putobumbong and many more. It was very difficult to guess the words without the sound, but this did not deter Jem Melad who turned out to be the winner.

For the following weeks, GPM employees got to exercise their brains with fun games, Brain Teaser and 20 Questions: All about GPM. Flexing their wits and emerging victorious in these two games were: Jem Melad, Erin Furigay, JR Juan and Jubi Gutierrez.

Concluding the GPM Funnies 2.0 was the auditory game, Guess the Sound. Some people use ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response for relaxation but GPM employees got flustered because of it. ASMR sounds of someone drinking, opening a package and closing blinds aren’t easy to guess, winners Misty Anicker, Jona Mogenague and Yella Rico proved that they got a good sense of hearing.

Human Resource Head, Cecilia Gamos said that virtual games actually provided an entertaining opportunity to bond with the team and it also proved that we didn't have to come to a complete stop in terms of employee engagement. Playing virtual games for four weeks was fun for everyone, according to Jona, “it was a break from the loop of business-related meetings and calls. It wasn’t just about the fun, it was the realization that connection with colleagues, now more than ever, really matters.”

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