March 05, 2024

Wrist Governance Board holds annual board meeting in GPM

Wrist Governance Board holds annual board meeting in GPM  


Once every year, the Governance Board of the Wrist Ship Supply Service Center in Manila, which is hosted and managed by Global Process Managers, Inc. (GPM), visits Manila to hold a board meeting and engage with the numerous GPM staff who are responsible for handling tasks that have been offshored by the Wrist Group.  


The Governance Board consists of top management from the respective regions, including the head office in Denmark. This ensures that all stakeholders and internal clients of the service center have an opportunity to provide their input on the future direction of the Wrist Service Center in Manila.  


The latest Governance Board meeting was held from March 5 to 6, 2024 at Times Plaza, Manila. The meeting was attended by a group of highly esteemed executives of Wrist Ship Supply, including Anders Skipper, Executive Vice President and CFO, Jesper Bregendahl, Strategy Director, Kim Krogh Kristensen, CEO of Wrist Europe, and Mike Liantonio, CEO of Wrist North America. 


Apart from discussing important matters related to the Wrist Service Center's future, this year's visit also provided an opportunity to thank former General Manager, Chelo Caburian for her exceptional work over the past eight years. She played a crucial role in establishing and expanding the team to its present size. At the same time, the Governance Board welcomed her successor, Roy Danilo Reyes, as the new General Manager of Wrist Service Center, Manila. 


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