March 04, 2024

Marine Verification, GPM’s latest service offering

Marine Verification, GPM’s latest service offering 


As the offshoring and outsourcing arm of the Magsaysay group of companies, Global Process Managers, Inc. (GPM) has undertaken a new service offering, the verification of information stated in the Curriculum Vitae of the seafarer applicant. 


On March 4, 2024, the Marine Verification Team formally joined GPM. There are six members of the team, each bringing unique talents and expertise to the table; Ms. Nicole Cristal Varga is the Team Leader, and her members include Ms. Lydymer Borreo, Ms. Andrea Gabon, Mr. Jeremiah Jerome Manabat, Ms. Joyce Villamor, and Mr. Christian Ayuban. They currently process seafarer applicants from ten cruise fleets and 17 marine fleets under Magsaysay People Resources Corporation (MPRC). 


The Marine Verification team provides two essential services: employment verification and document collection. Employment verification involves a comprehensive background check of a seafarer's employment history, ensuring the crew has a clean record in their previous company. This process is integral to the recruitment process as it ensures that the candidate's qualifications and experiences meet the standard set by Magsaysay. Secondly, Marine Verification also collects the necessary documents once the seafarer applicants are deemed fit for the position.   


The GPM Marine Verification Team is committed to providing exceptional services, equipped with their expertise, attention to detail, and dedication.