April 18, 2024

New Garrets Managing Director visits Manila Team

New Garrets Managing Director visits Manila Team 


Global Process Managers Inc. (GPM) welcomed Mr. Hamish Cook as the newly appointed Managing Director of Garrets International Ltd. He visited their Manila office from April 15 to 18, 2024.  


During his visit, Mr. Cook took the opportunity to foster relationships with the Manila team and discuss the company's objectives, strategies, and plans. He actively solicited feedback and ideas from the team to ensure that their objectives were aligned with the company's vision. This visit is an important step towards promoting a culture of cooperation and collaboration within the organization and enhancing mutual understanding of roles and responsibilities.  


Overall, Mr. Cook's visit was a positive experience for both the Manila team and Garrets International Ltd. as a whole. It solidified the team's commitment to the company's objectives and strategies and empowered them to achieve their goals with a renewed sense of purpose. 


In the photo taken, Mr. Erik Nielsen, GPM President and Ms. Ilde Dimailig, Assistant General Manager, together with Ms. Maria Eimee Ann Rea Dayag, Operations Manager - APAC of the Garrets Manila office welcomed Garrets International Ltd. executives, Mr. Hamish Cook and Ms. An Van Zele, Operations Director.  


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