May 02, 2023

Magsaysay Good Samaritans Respond during Fire Evacuation Drill 2023

During the Annual Fire Evacuation Drill held on March 29, 2023, Ms. Girlie Oro, Ticket Seller at Superior Maintenance Service (SMS) suddenly felt dizzy as she was descending the fire exit. As she could no longer continue her trek to the evacuation area because she was about to faint, she sat down on the stairs to gather herself up. Luckily, Ms. Michiele Mason, Documentation Staff at Icebox Logistics Services Inc. (ILSI) happened to notice Ms. Oro who looked pale and troubled. Since it was quite hot in the stairwell, she fanned Ms. Oro to make her feel more comfortable. She also notified some security guards of the situation and that medical assistance may be needed.


Coincidentally, Global Process Manager Inc. (GPM) Health and Wellness Assistants Ms. Michelle Paulino and Ms. Joanne Oracion and GPM Multimedia Services Manager, Mr. Angel Ampil were on their way down the stairs when they noticed the two ladies huddled by the stairs. Without hesitation, the three assisted Ms. Oro who complained of dizziness, shortness of breath and blurred vision. The GPM Health and Wellness Assistants then took her blood pressure which had shot up to 160/100. The team then kept by Ms. Oro’s side until assistance form Times Plaza and Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) arrived and brought her to the Aventus medical team in charge of the Fire Drill. She was later released after stabilizing her blood pressure.


On May 2, 2023 Ms. Oro went to the GPM clinic on the 17th floor and personally thanked the people who helped her during the Fire Evacuation Drill. “Good afternoon po sa inyo mga ma’am at sir na tumulong po sa akin nung oras na nahilo at nagdilim ang paningin ko. Napakabuti ninyo po at natulungan ninyo ako. Hindi ko makakalimutan yong araw na andyan kayong umalalay sa akin. Lubos po ako nagpapasalamat Ma’am Michiele, Michelle at Joanne at Sir Angel sa nagawa ninyong tulong,” said Ms. Oro.


Just like in the parable, these Good Samaritans were able to show compassion to someone who was in need of help the most. “We just happened to be at the right place, at the right time. But more importantly we all responded by helping someone when she needed it the most,” said Mr. Ampil. “You can say it was the Magsaysay value, ‘We Care’ at work!”




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