October 02, 2020

GPM Offers Free Flu Vaccine to Employees in Fight Against COVID-19

As the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, Global Process Manager Inc. (GPM) initiated a company-wide Flu Vaccination Program for the benefit of all GPM employees in its fight against COVID-19. For three consecutive Fridays from September 18 to October 2, 2020, GPM offered flu vaccine for free to organic and inorganic employees.

GPM employees flocked to the 17th Floor Boardroom of the Times Plaza to avail of this benefit. “In GPM we wanted to continue the annual tradition of offering our staff a free vaccination against the four main flu strains, despite the particular circumstances we live in this year,” shares GPM President Mr. Erik M. Nielsen.

“In fact I find it more important than ever for us to be protected to some extent against ordinary influenza during the coronavirus pandemic.” Mr. Nielsen elaborated the importance of having flu vaccination at these times, “First of all, a case of the ordinary flu will weaken one’s immune system with a resulting greater risk of catching COVID-19 in that period. Secondly, the onset of influenza symptoms in a person who has received the flu shot can lead to faster identification of COVID-19, which in turn can help prevent further spread.”

GPM Employee Wellness Specialist, Ms. Ynas C. Morales highlighted the importance of not missing out on the flu vaccine this year, “Getting the flu shots does not guarantee you not be getting the flu, but it protects you from the more severe effects of flu. Recovery is faster when you have flu shots.” She is quick to remind everyone that we should never let our guard down, “keeping healthy habits along with this offer from the company are a must in our fight against COVID-19”

A majority of the GPM employees took part in the program despite some employees working from home and not staying in the National Capital Region. Some employees put extra effort to travel to Times Plaza and avail of the free flu vaccine. In closing Mr. Nielsen was happy that the GPM employees appreciated this company initiative “I am pleased to see that so many of my colleagues took up the offer of the vaccination that GPM was able to procure despite a short supply of the vaccine globally.”