February 11, 2021

GPM Celebrates Year of the Ox with a Valentine Twist

On February 11 for Global Process Manager Inc. (GPM) welcomed the Year of the Ox with a Valentine twist. Since February 12 was declared a holiday because of the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day falling on a Sunday, a series of employee engagement activities were conducted on this day in celebration of both occasions.


Greeting GPM employees on the 17th floor lobby was a “Heart Board” where employees posted their love messages using color-coded sticky notes based on their relationship status. As a token of appreciation for their joining the activity, they received a Fortune Cookie.


The GPM's rolling photobooth travelled through the GPM floors, and everyone on site had a chance to have their pictures taken while holding on to status labels. To make it even sweeter, heart shaped donuts were given for all GPM employees working on site, as a sweet "Thank You" for celebrating the Day of Hearts in the office.


GPM also held a Valentine’s Day Raffle, however rather than just having a straight up raffle where winners are picked out, the organic and inorganic GPM employees were ask to send picture of their favorite person and briefly explain why. The entries may be seen here: https://web.facebook.com/watch/?v=326695112092361


A panel of judges voted three entries to win a special Valentine’s prize; and the winners were Keirstein Mae Alcasid, Jerome Juan and Angel Ampil. And for their efforts, their favorite persons received a special gift from GPM. Revealed Ms. Cecille O. Gamos, Head of GPM HR Shared Services, "While flowers and chocolates always work for Valentine's Day, we wanted to have a different touch this year--so we decided to go with Rice Bears as our tokens to our employee engagement activity winners. We came across this project that ships 5-kg rice in customized bear packages, which come with a bouquet of dried flowers and a personalized card, specially delivered to the chosen person. The recipient got a practical yet thoughtful gift. Moreover, a portion of the cost of Rice Bears was donated back to the rice farmers and their neighboring Aeta communities—it is the Magsaysay core value “We Care” twice over for our own and for our brethren."