April 06, 2022

GPM Welcomes Wrist Ship Supply Visitors

On April 6, 2022, Wrist Ship Supply executives Mr. Jesper Bregendahl, Strategy Director, and Mr. Anders Skipper, EVP and CFO visited their Wrist Service Center in Manila. This was an opportunity for the gentlemen to meet and touch base with their Manila team. Global Process Manager, Inc. (GPM) President, Mr. Erik Nielsen welcomed the guests on the 15th floor of Times Plaza.

Later that evening, Mr. Nielsen accompanied the guests to the residence of GPM Chairperson and A. Magsaysay, Inc. President, Ms. Doris Magsaysay Ho where she hosted dinner for the delegation. They were joined by Ms. Chelo Caburian, General Manager, and Ms. Jessica Escol, Head of Finance, from Wrist Service Center, Manila.

Wrist also took the chance to fly in visitors from their U.S. organization, namely Ms. Kelley Curtis and Ms. Karen Porter for a 2-week visit to spend time with the Wrist Finance team with a view to paving the way for additional migration of work to Manila. Also welcoming the visitors were Mr. Nielsen and Ms. Jessica Escol.