September 23, 2023

GPM Sportsfest 2023: Volleyball and Basketball Games are on, semifinalists are known

GPM Sportsfest 2023: Volleyball and Basketball Games are on, semifinalists are known
On September 9, 2023, the GPM Sportsfest 2023 held the opening ceremonies for the two team sports Filipinos are known to be most passionate with, volleyball and basketball. The games brought together players from Global Process Manager Inc, Bo Concept A/S, Garrets International Ltd., GN Resound S/N, Hassei Trading Ltd., Nobia, Medallion Class Experience Center and Wrist Ship Supply creating an atmosphere of celebration and unity among the participating teams.
The Opening ceremonies began with a prayer led by Team Medallion’s Mr. Skai Espinosa followed by the health and safety reminder by GPM’s Health and Wellness Officer, Ms. Michelle Paulino. GN’s Mr. Mark Ian Cimeni led the Oath of Sportsmanship. GPM President, Mr. Erik M. Nielsen then gave the opening remarks and thanked everyone present. Soon after, Mr. Nielsen, GPM’s Head for HR Shared Services, Ms. Ma. Cecilia Gamos and the Team Captains of each teams officially started the competition with the ceremonial service.
The games showcased the sportsmanship and competitive spirit of the employees. Each game was filled with moments of tension and excitement, as players gave their all for their respective teams; and spectators heartily cheered for their teams, showing the true spirit of healthy competition.
The first volleyball game of the day saw Team Medallion recover from a poor start after dropping the first set and came back strong to take the next two sets to beat Team Hassei/Nobia 23-25, 25-12, 15-10. In the next game, Team GPM got out to a hot start and swept Team GN 25-8 and 25-16. In the third game, Team Hassei/Nobia again started strong to win the first set, but could not continue their momentum to lose the next two sets against Team Garrets, 16-25, 25-14 and 15-7.
In the basketball tournament, Team Garrets won their games against GN (44-39) and Bo Concept (33-31) to close the day with a 2-0 record. Team Wrist earned a 1-0 record by beating GPM (64-26). Team GPM earned a 1-1 record after a win against Medallion (39-28) and losing against Wrist (26-64). Bringing up the rear with 0-1 records were teams GN (39-44 vs Garrets), Bo Concept (31-33 vs Garrets) and Medallion (28-39 vs GPM).
A week later on September 16, 2023 the second day of volleyball and basketball games were held. Three volleyball games were held in the morning with Wrist beating GN in three sets, 27-25, 25-23, 15-13 in the first game. In game 2, Medallion defeated Garrets also in three sets, 27-29, 25-16, 15-5. In the final game of the morning, Wrist overpowered GPM in straight sets, 25-20, 25-20.
After the elimination round, the teams moving to the semifinal round of the volleyball tournament are Wrist (2-0) and GPM (1-1) in Pool A; and Medallion (2-0) and Garrets (1-1) in Pool B. The crossover semifinals will be on September 23 at 10 am with Wrist going up against Garrets, and Medallion facing GPM after.
Over at the basketball side, GPM routed GN to the score of 56-34 in the first game. In the second match, Wrist overpowered Garrets, 45-29. In the final game of the day, it was a walkover win by Medallion over BoConcept. At the conclusion of the elimination round, the top 4 teams playing for the semifinal round are undefeated Wrist at 2-0, GPM 2-1, Garrets 2-1, and Medallion 1-1. Game 1 of the semifinal round shall feature Wrist vs Medallion. This will be succeeded by the game between GPM and Garrets.