September 07, 2023

GPM participates in the third quarter NSED

GPM participates in the third quarter NSED


Global Process Manager Inc. (GPM) actively participated in the third quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill held at Times Plaza on September 7, 2023. The objective was to assess the emergency preparedness of the employees and tenants in case of an earthquake.

The alarm went off at around 2 pm which signaled the start of the earthquake drill. GPM employees followed guidelines and executed the "Duck, Cover, and Hold" procedure during the practice. With simulated tremors and continuous alarm ringing, the employees calmly evacuated the building through designated exits and gathered at the evacuation area along General Luna Street.

GPM employees and other building occupants assembled in the evacuation area according to their floor assignments to ensure everyone was safe and accounted for. Upon completing a thorough assessment of the vicinity, the officials permitted the employees to return to the building.

This exercise showcased GPM's unwavering commitment to employee safety and its readiness to respond to a real emergency.

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