December 07, 2023

GPM Joins Celebration of Magsaysay 75th Anniversary 

GPM Joins Celebration of Magsaysay 75th Anniversary   


It was a momentous occasion on December 7th as Magsaysay celebrated its 75 years at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza.  


The event was attended by a host of dignitaries and partners, including the enthusiastic employees of Global Process Managers (GPM) who joined in the festivities. From the aesthetic, more casual, relaxed style, with live music performances by two bands, Mayonnaise and Route 70 and dance performances, the event was a feast for the senses.  


The event's highlight was the much-awaited dance competition. Featuring the joined forces of the AMI & Affiliate, Travel People, and GPM, our dancers showcased their exceptional talents. The competition was intense, with each team giving their all to impress the judges. The audience went wild when AMI President and CEO, Doris M. Ho and GPM President, Erik M. Nielsen stepped out of boxes portraying Barbie and Ken and danced to the song Barbie Girl by Aqua.  


Finally, the judges announced the results, and two teams emerged as champions. The AMI & Affiliate, Travel People, and GPM dancers was declared co-winners with the Magsaysay People Resources Corporation (MPRC) dancers. The hard work and sacrifices of the team paid off, leaving them overjoyed with their well-deserved victory.  


As the world comes alive with the spirit of belongingness, MAGSAYSAY gatherings stand as a testament to the beauty of shared moments, making each celebration a cherished chapter in the book of memories.