October 08, 2021

GPM Holds Virtual Family Day

The Family Day has been a tradition for Global Process Manager Inc. (GPM). In previous years, GPM set aside a whole day when the employees and their families can simply hang loose, relax and enjoy bonding with the family. In 2018, GPM spent their Family Day in Manila Ocean Park. A year later, it was held in Star City. However, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the country, the Family Day was called off in 2020. This year, GPM decided to continue with the tradition albeit in the comfort of their home, at the office, or wherever they were. While this was the first ever Virtual Family Day, it was nevertheless an afternoon of fun well spent with the family.


On October 8, 2021 at 3 PM the GPM Virtual Family Day kicked off with a welcome message from GPM President Erik M. Nielsen. “We thought we would keep alive the annual GPM Family Day so at least for a couple of hours we can have some fun, play some games, win some prizes,” says Mr. Nielsen. He adds, “Families really are the main unit for our support system. I hope we all have a family and home environment to fall back upon in these difficult times.”


Also welcoming the GPM family was TV personality, Slater Young who sent his best wishes to the success of the GPM Family Day.


The Virtual Family Day was hosted by Jonalyn Alcasid and Paolo del Mundo. They facilitated the program via Zoom. About 180 participated in the Virtual Family Day. Several activities were lined up for this afternoon’s festivities. A few days before the event, some GPM employees submitted their Tiktok videos which were posted on the GPM Facebook page. The one that garnered the most hearts won the GPM Tiktok Challenge. Winning the Tiktok Challenge under the client teams’ category was Rogelio Surat; and for the GPM organic, it was Jonalyn Mogenague.


The Family Day committee also requested the GPM employees to submit their pictures taken from the previous Family Days in 2018 and 2019. Selected pictures were used to create a picture collage of Family Days past. Those who submitted pictures and chosen winners were Aldrin Abrasaldo, Mariel Aniag, Gloria Callado, Ilde Dimailig, Mark Gache, Irish Gelvis, Ryan Manalang, Jonalyn Mogenague, Veronica Pang and Chelsea Sarmiento.


Another activity was the Guess the Amount inside the Money Cake. The hosts counted the money that was inside the money cake in front of the live audience. With a winning bid of P1,100.00, Ynas Morales won the activity by submitting a bid closest to the actual amount of money inside the cake.


Paulo and Jonalyn also conducted live online games during the program. Everybody had a great time participating in the Bring Me Game and the Name the Korean-Drama Game. More so because they brought home prizes for winning in the games.


Also adding to the fun was the Spin A Wheel Raffle conducted by the hosts through the duration of the Virtual Family Day. The culmination of which was the Grand Raffle Prize. Mr. Nielsen left his office and walked to the make-shift studio in Meeting Rooms 1 and 2. Picking from a fishbowl, he picked a stub with a mobile number and called this number. Rushing to the Meeting Room was IT department’s Christian Asadon who brought home the Grand Prize of P25,000.00.


Lastly of course, more than the prizes and surprises that each one brought home, the GPM Family Day was an opportunity for everyone in GPM to spend memorable moments with the family -- indeed, our support unit in these trying times.