August 18, 2023

Garrets conquers Bowling leg of GPM Sportsfest 2023

The bowling leg of the GPM Sportsfest 2023 was held on Friday, August 18 at the Paeng’s Midtown Bowling, Robinsons Manila. Team Garrets International Ltd. took home the championship trophy with an aggregate score of 649 pinfalls in the final round. Winning second place with a score of 615 pinfalls were bowlers from Global Process Manager, Inc. Keglers from Team Bo Concept A/S scored 550 pinfalls and took third place in the tournament.


Other teams who participated in the bowling tournament but were eliminated after the first round were Medallion Class Experience Center, Wrist Ship Supply and GN S/N.


Special awards were presented to Sheira Balgos of Wrist Ship Supply who garnered the Highest Female Scorer award with her score of 132 pinfalls;  Roder Aspilla Jr. of Garrets scored 194 pinfalls and received the Highest Male Scorer award.


Next up for the GPM Sportsfest 2023 are the volleyball and basketball competitions. The games will start on September 2, 2023 at the Manila Bulletin gym in Intramuros, Manila. The volleyball games start at 9 in the morning; and the basketball games shall follow after at 1 PM. See you there and cheer for your team!



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