Offshoring to the Philippines

Designed for small to medium-sized companies wanting to Offshore
in the Philippines.


Philippine Economy

The Philippine economy is stable and growing at a rate of 6 to 7% p.a. By the year 2050 it may become the 16th largest economy in the world.


Filipino Skills

As the 3rd largest English-speaking population in the world, Philippines is eminently placed for outsourcing, and since 2010 it has been the no.1 country for contact centres.


Character & Culture

Filipinos are known for their hospitality and emphasis on customer service, making them effective within outsourcing and especially the customer care industry.



GPM Facilities

Set up your virtual office in


Have your team work in the no. 1 metropolis of the country, where the required talent pool, connectivity and facilities are available for your business, provided by GPM.



"As a business consultant I was tasked by Wrist Ship Service to investigate the opportunities for establishing a service center in the Philippines. Wrist is a global provider of provisions and equipment to ships across all continents and requires both 7x24 services as well as access to qualified staff with previous experience in the maritime sector. GPMI was able to demonstrate their abilities to support Wrist and provide the flexibility required to enable Wrist to quickly grow from an initial team of 15 to 100+ within six months. Office space, IT equipment and services was made available at short notice, and from start to go-live in just 2 ½ month is not really the norm in the Philippines. Their insight into local business and political conditions was also one of the major factors that brought GPMI and Wrist together. Speed, agility, flexibility and a solid anchor in the BPO industry are in my opinion what prompted me to recommend GPMI to Wrist. A partnership that now works very well."
Finn W. Jensen
Business ConsultantWrist Ship Supply
"GPM have delivered on many aspects from sourcing over facilities and HR to supporting us in bridging with the Philippine culture and administration. Most importantly, they have proven to have the right flexible approach, which is needed in a startup situation and are truly a valuable business partner that contributed to achieving our business objectives."
Bo Lykkeberg & Anders S. Nielsen
General ManagersTelenor A/S
"Establishing a permanent presence in the Philippines is a daunting prospect for many, bureaucracy combined with understanding processes and culture differences is a significant challenge. Partnering with GPM was a very smart move for us, from the beginning they have been thoroughly professional, listening to our needs and using their local experience to help us best realise our aims, goals and aspirations. With their ongoing assistance we have moved quickly from start up to where we are today employing 90 local staff. It is a great success story for us and we are grateful to GPM in helping us achieve this."
David Kirley
Head of Gearbulk ManilaGearbulk Management Limited ROHQ
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