Hosted Office Services

  1. send us your job description
    GPM finds you the suitable candidates
  2. interview and decide on whom to hire
    GPM takes care of the hiring and documentation
  3. directly manage their output
    GPM provides local support services

Payroll Services

  1. request for a payroll service presentation
    GPM gets in touch with you for a presentation schedule
  2. need to learn IT program of payroll service
    GPM evaluates compatibility of client & GPM system and contacts you for a run through

Learning and Media Development

  1. have a forthcoming event
    GPM writes an article and documents it with pictures or videos
  2. have a difficulty updating your website
    GPM ensures your website is updated and managed daily
  3. have an upcoming presentation
    GPM upgrades the same presentation into a professional one
  4. conduct teaching segments regularly
    GPM converts the learning concepts into learning videos
  5. need to advertise on line
    GPM creates a banner ad to meet your needs
  6. have an advertising campaign
    GPM develops graphic, video and animation materials to achieve marketing objectives


  1. Having difficulty in providing a 24/7 customer service to your passenger?
    GPM’s 24/7 Travel Solutions can provide your passengers 24/7 travel assistance.
  2. Our agents are travel specialist withexceptional customer service experience.Need manpower assistance?
    From customer care to back office support, GPM’s 24/7 Travel Solutions allows its clients to focus on their core processes. Travel Management, Account Management, Email
  3. Management and Office Administration. Need emergency travel assistance?
    Let GPM’s 24/7 Travel Solutions handle your emergency travel needs. Our agents will take care of your passengers anytime and anywhere.
  4. Business continuity plan
    GPM’s 24/7 Travel Solutions can ensure that we can keep your business going with guaranteed support 24/7.
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