Global Process Manager Inc. (GPM) held the First Mobile Legends Showdown on April 25 to 29, 2019 at Boardrooms 3 and 4 at the 17th floor of the Times Plaza.  In the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship among its client teams, GPM initiated a tournament of this popular mobile game with participation from all client teams.

After a hard fought elimination round, the four top teams battled it out in a crossover semifinals with the winning teams challenging for the championship.  Emerging as Champions of the First GPM Mobile Legends Showdown was Wrist Ship Supply with Oliver Siapian as Team Captain and team members Mannil Barlizo, Vincent Macuha, Jeffrey Resos, Leonard Ted Ramos and Ryan Manalang.

Second Place went to a capable team captained by Gypt Minierva and team members Rey Inojosa, John Aldous Lim, Dennis Jordan, Daniel Quismorio, Hennessy Cardenio, and Jonathan Carlos. Taking Third Place was Team OTSI under the leadership of Team Captain Alexis Fernandez and team members Emmanuel San Diego, Ralph Lawrence Angeles, Ronald Jacinto, Charles Darwin and Marcze Mae Villanueva.

Tournament Directors JR Juan and Venie Balingcos were elated with the turn-out of the ML Showdown.  “We were very happy with the reception of the ML Showdown with our client teams.  Everyone did their best and competed very well; but most of all, they had fun and enjoyed.  It was a successful tournament and we hope to have one again next year,” conveys JR.


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