With the theme Let’s Build the Future Together, Global Process Manager Inc. (GPM) held their Teambuilding Workshop at The Greenery, Bulacan on March 29-30, 2019.  Facilitating the workshop was Link Organizational Development (Link O.D.) who likewise conducted last year’s teambuilding.

The highlight activity for this year’s teambuilding was when the participants launched their individual boats with their commitments for the company written on the boats.  The participants gathered around and placed the boats a full body distance from where all were standing.  The task to retrieve your own boat seemed impossible and insurmountable.   However, with everyone working as a team the task no matter how difficult can be accomplished.   With teamwork and perseverance, no one was to be left behind; everyone was able to retrieve their own boats.

These boats were gathered and attached to a frame as a symbolic reminder of the team’s commitment to GPM.  The frame was presented to GPM President Erik M. Nielsen and is now posted on the wall of the GPM office.  As Mr Nielsen himself said, “We shall ensure that they all prove to be seaworthy and reach their destination!  I look forward to all of us fulfilling the commitments we made to ourselves, which in turn will improve the performance of the team and the company.  I am proud of Team GPM and know that we shall have a great 2019!”


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