MAGSAYSAY Group CEO Doris Magsaysay-Ho presented last June 20 in Manila, Philippines, a keynote presentation on Blue Philippines at the 2019 EITSC (European Innovation, Technology, and Science Center Foundation) Advocacy Forum. The event themed, “Achieving Win-Win Approaches in Sustainable Development” was organized by EITSC in partnership with NordCham (Nordic Chamber of the Philippines) and BCCP (British Chamber of Commerce Philippines).

During her presentation, Doris Ho shared topics on Ricardo Hausmann and Cesar Hidalgo’s Theory of Economic Complexity, the Economic Complexity Index (ECI), the ability to crystallize imagination, building and rallying a network of people and tapping into their “productive knowledge” and capability, among other concepts.

The forum, attended by government leaders and business executives at the Dusit Thani Hotel, was aimed at addressing what can be jointly done to achieve inclusive growth in delivering what has been promised to UNDP and imposed now by the Philippine SEC. Doris highlighted that manmade political and economic institutions underlie economic success: “Those in government and those of us in the business sector are meeting today to search for effective ways to build inclusive institutions and business models that will break the cycle to achieve sustainable prosperity for all.”

Attendees during the event included Senate Committee Chair on Agriculture Hon. Cynthia Villar, Socioeconomic Planning Secretary of NEDA Hon. Ernesto Pernia, Undersecretary for Tourism and Dev’t Planning Benito Bengzon, Jr., EITSC President Henry Schumacher, and EITSC Chairman, NordCham VP, and Global Process Manager, Inc. President Erik Nielsen, among other distinguished guests.

Doris Ho concluded in her closing statement: “As a nation, we owe it to the 400,000 seafarers and their families who invested in their education with trust in the industry” and “We owe it to the employers who depend on the Philippines as a long-term sustainable supplier of people; we owe the next generations a promise of prosperity.”

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