Investing in the Youth Is always Worthwhile

The good news for the Philippine economy and young Filipino job seekers is that the Information Technology/Business Process Outsourcing (IT/BPO) industry will still be a major center of growth and jobs over the next decade, says Erik Moller Nielsen, Vice-President of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines.

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GN Store Nord A/S launches in Manila

(Photo: About to cut the ribbon for the formal inauguration are Thomas S. Lundstroem, John H. Larsen, Erik M. Nielsen, Jan Top Christensen, and Doris Magsaysay Ho) A few months after marking its partnership with Global Process Manager Inc., GN Store Nord A/S launched its office for the IT support department in Times Plaza Building, […]

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Expansion of the IT, BPM and KPM industry

The industry keeps expanding at a healthy double-digit growth rate. It maintains substantial opportunities for continuing to expand, moving employment from 1.3 million in 2016 to 2 million within a few years. Moreover, this industry has created between 3 and 4 million indirect jobs in sectors such as construction, food retail, security, janitorial services, etc. […]

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Global Process Manager Inc. signs partnership with GN Store Nord A/S

PHOTO: (Seated, GN Senior Vice President for Global Operations & IT, Bjoern Stroemboe Petersen and GPM President, Erik Moller Nielsen sitting in front; and Chairman of GPM and President and CEO of A. Magsaysay Inc., Doris Magsaysay Ho and GN Chief Information Officer, Thomas Stig Lundstroem standing behind) Global Process Manager Inc. and GN Store […]

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Global Process Manager Inc. signs contract with Wrist Ship Supply

PHOTO: (Seated, left to right): Erik M. Nielsen, President of GPM; Martin G. Christiansen, Managing Director of Wrist Ship Supply. (Standing, left to right): Finn W. Jensen, Consultant to Wrist Ship Supply; Doris Magsaysay Ho, President and CEO of A. Magsaysay, Inc. Global Process Manager, Inc. (GPM) and Wrist Ship Supply, the world’s largest ship […]

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Filipino Character & Culture

Do you know why Filipino’s working ability, discipline and values are outstanding among other people? Filipinos are known for their hospitality and emphasis on customer service, making them effective within outsourcing and especially the customer care industry. Historically when the colonizers occupied the country, Filipinos had been enculturated and had maintained both of indigenous and […]

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