Global Process Manager Inc. (GPM) in partnership with Link Organizational Development (Link O.D.) held its teambuilding program on October 12 to 13 at the Thunderbird Resorts, Rizal.

With the words “Rebuild, Align, Communicate and Contribute,” printed on their shirts, the participants took part in the different activities, which highlighted these values. The teambuilding program aimed to REBUILD personal and professional relationships increasing the possibility of constructive collaboration; to ALIGN on direction, values and team norms in order to facilitate better team performance; to COMMUNICATE perceptions and aspirations for the team, as well as become aware of each other’s unique strengths and working styles; and to CONTRIBUTE ideas and commitments in moving the team forward.

With the success of the teambuilding program, team GPM looks forward to building stronger ties and developing a team-oriented culture. GPM hopes to improve communication among team members and to foster oneness and the culture of empathy in creating one GPM group.

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