For the 2nd time Global Process Manager Inc. (GPM) hosted a 2-day training and certification seminar on the use of the Predictive Index (PI) assessment tool on October 4-5, 2018. Jonalyn Alcasid and Mary Jubilant Gutierrez represented GPM, while Chelo Caburan, Aiko Janine Morales, Dinesan Rasiah and Anna Katrina Gonzales were there from the Wrist Ship Supply team.

PI is a diagnostics-based assessment of normal adult, work-related personality that was developed and validated for use within occupational and organizational populations. PI is used for a variety of human resource management purposes, including employee selection, executive on-boarding, leadership development, succession planning, performance coaching, team composition and organizational culture change. Using PI to increase understanding of the particular strengths and characteristics of staff members can also help increase employee engagement and productivity, and thus decrease staff turn-over.

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