While everyone was observing the Luzon-wide Enhance Community Quarantine (ECQ) and staying at home, Global Process Manager Inc. (GPM) showed its resiliency by growing through the crisis imposed by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Slowly transitioning to the “new normal”, GPM pushed through with one of its plans for 2020.  Since this was originally scheduled this summer, GPM held its Team Building workshop on April 30, 2020.  However, since the current situation did not permit us to conduct the team building in our favorite beach resort, GPM had their team building in the comfort of their homes.

Through the video conference platform Zoom, GPM held a Virtual Team Building with each participant showing up wearing their summer’s best outfits.  This was the first time that GPM gathered together as one since the ECQ and it was great to be in each other’s company.  GPM President Mr. Erik M. Nielsen welcomed everyone to the Virtual Team Building.

Virtual Team Building host, Jona Alcasid initiated the workshop with the game, Kahoot which tested how much everyone knew about each other.  It was a surprise to all that a GPM Senior Manager was an active cheerleader in her Grade School and High School years.  It was mindboggling to know that someone loves baking but could not cook at all; or someone can watch K-drama the whole day when she is not doing her allotment duties.  These and many more facts amused everyone as the icebreaker set the tone for a fun filled afternoon ahead.

Jona then grouped GPM into 5 teams namely, Team 1:  Team Beachesa; Team 2:  Cobidangsaya; Team 3:  Team Corona; Team 4:  Sunny Buddies and Team 5:  Quaranteam No 5.  The teams participated in the Group activities Pictionary and Riddle Bring Me.  The teams competed against each other in terms of creativity and wits.  Emerging Champions among the five teams was Team Cobidangsaya; Team Beachesa was second and Team Sunny Buddies, third.

Jona then conducted the game, Guess the Gibberish to all the participants; and those who guessed the most out of the jumbled words were JR Juan, Misty Anicker, Jo Mogenague and Erin Furigay.  At the end of the Virtual Team Building, the Best Beachwear Award went to Erin Furigay with Janelle Manaois placing second and Mavie Lavapie, third.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has put the world in a standstill, GPM marches on to address the challenges it faces.  The Virtual Team Building signifies GPMs desire to be united and move forward together ensuring business continuity despite the odds.

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