It was a warm 34°C in Metro Manila on May 7, 2020 when the Global Process Manager Inc. (GPM) Finance Service Center held their Team Building through the video conference platform, Zoom.  Formerly known as the One Team Services Inc. (OTSI), GPMs latest division attended the Virtual Team Building wearing their best summer outfits.

Virtual Team Building host, Jona Alcasid welcomed everybody and started the workshop with the game, Kahoot which tested how much everyone knew about each other.  It was a surprise to all that not just one, but two of the participants used to join beauty contests when they were younger.  Not to be outdone was someone who was a majorette and performed in parades many years ago.  Some in fact had other careers in mind like being a nurse or a soldier had the opportunity in GPM not happened.  These and many more facts amused everyone as the icebreaker set the tone for a fun-filled afternoon ahead.

Jona then grouped them into 5 teams namely, Team 1:  ECQ – Extreme Cutie Quad; Team 2:  Macorona; Team 3:  Team Avengers; Team 4:  Sexy Peppas and Team 5:  Team Hottie.  The teams participated in the Group activities Pictionary and Riddle Bring Me.  The teams competed against each other in terms of creativity and wits.  It was close competition among the teams but Team ECQ – Extreme Cutie Quad topped the field with 853 points. In second place was Team Macorona with 689 points which narrowly beat Team Avengers at 662 points.

Jona then concluded the activities with the game, Guess the Gibberish.  Guessing the most phrases out of the jumbled words with five correct answers was Kei Alcasid.  Other winners were Ira Macapagal, Sheryl Ibon, Franklin Sioson, Reah Lugo and Lyka Tusay.  At the end of the Virtual Team Building, the Best Beachwear Award went to Emman San Diego with Melissa Guerrero placing second and Mercy Panuelos, third.  At the end of the activities GPM President, Erik Nielsen and GPM Head for HR Shared Services, Maria Cecilia Gamos gave their closing remarks.

As the COVID-19 pandemic has put the world at a standstill, GPM marches on to address the challenges it faces.  The Virtual Team Building signifies GPMs desire to be united and move forward together ensuring business continuity despite the odds.

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