In the afternoon of January 30, 2020, Department of Health Secretary Francisco Duque III went on air and confirmed that the Philippines had its first case of Novel Coronavirus or the 2019-nCov Acute Respiratory Disease (2019 nCov ARD).  The next day, Global Process Manager Inc. (GPM) through Employee Wellness Specialist, Ynas C. Morales, RN sprang into action and conducted a series of lay fora regarding the 2019 nCov ARD to organic and inorganic employees of GPM.

The vast information available through social media regarding the outbreak of the 2019 nCov ARD has created some misinformation and has caused to some extent, panic to the citizenry.  Therefore, the lay forum was conducted to gauge the understanding of GPM employees with regards to the 2019 nCov ARD, to provide GPM employees with the correct information from credible sources, and to determine steps to take in protecting themselves from the 2019 nCov ARD.

As the government is taking concrete steps to contain and prevent the spread of the 2019 nCov ARD, Ynas reminded everyone to do their share in protecting themselves from the virus.  She advised all to pick up the habit of washing their hands with soap and water regularly, avoid touching their eyes, nose and mouth, cover their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing, thoroughly cook food and avoid uncooked food, drink plenty of water, get enough rest, and wear face mask in public places.

In closing, Ynas reminded everyone to stay fit and healthy, “Our employees should have a proactive attitude with regards to their health in general and not just about the 2019 nCov ARD.  Keeping a healthy lifestyle, eating fruits and vegetables, sleeping right, having the right exercise would be very beneficial for them and should keep them in the prime of health.”

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