It was a night the K-Pop Stars came out and partied their hearts out.  On December 13, 2019 Global Process Manager Inc. (GPM) celebrated its K-Pop Christmas party at the Old Swiss Inn, Paco, Manila.

Getting inspiration from Korean fashion, employees of GPM, Hassei, Nobia and BoConcept attended the party in their K-Pop best.  Ably hosted by Misty Anicker, Paolo del Mundo and Jay-Ar Aganta, the party started in full swing with each guest showing off his or her K-Pop attire in an impromptu fashion show.  Everyone took to the catwalk and strutted to the front in their fancy K-Pop swag; each one trying to outdo the other amid the cheers of the audience.

Next in the program was the presentation of the music videos.  Four teams participated in the contest by creating their own rendition of a parody of the all-girl K-Pop group, Momoland’s Bboom Bboom music video.  Everyone had a blast watching the entries of the four teams.  But at the end of the night, the panel of judges led by GPM President Erik Nielsen, Nicole Jensen and André Rafael Conda of BoConcept, selected Team D as the grand winner of the contest.  The winning team was led by Mar Llagas with Mafi Leaban, Ian Asadon, Ana Tuboro, Ed Javier, Yella Rico, Mat Quiban, Ryan Delara, Jay-ar Aganta, Jem Melad, EJ Tapi-on and Jesus Chua.

Another big winner of the night was in fact the Biggest Loser.  Now on its second year, this weight-loss contest attracted 22 participants.  After three months of diet and exercise, topping the field and losing the most weight was Aileen de Guzman.  Taking Second Place was Jacqueline Linsangan and Third Place went to Gloria Callado.

Part of the fun were the games led by the emcees.  In the game Bentehan or Bato-Bato-Pick, it was Abbey Impol of Nobia who won everyone’s P20 bill.  In the Chubby Bunny game Kiervin Asindido of BoConcept won over GPMs Mavie Lavapie.  In the Samgyup-Sal game, our Korean rendition of the popular Filipino game Hep Hep-Hooray, TinTin Salazar of GPM outlasted all the participants.

Christmas parties would not be complete without dance numbers.  The group of Mavie Lavapie, JR Juan, Rommel Bacay, Christian Gale and Aileen de Guzman did the opening number by dancing to a mix of popular K-Pop songs.  The HRSS trio of Jubi Gutierrez, Sarah Virtudazo and Jonalyn Mogenague would not be outdone as they captivated the audience with own set of K-Pop songs.

The highlight of the evening was the coronation of the Oppa and Noona of the Night. This award went to the best dressed male and female employee as voted by the audience.  Crowned Oppa and Noona of the Night were Mar Llagas and Jubi Gutierrez.

Amid the many raffle prizes given during the evening, the biggest winner of the night was Joemar Celeste who brought home the top prize in the raffle.

As part of the December festivities, GPM likewise held a Christmas Décor Contest amongst the client teams.  Each participating team decorated a section of their floor space depicting the theme Santa Clause.  Team OTSI won First Place.  Second Place went to Team Wrist and Third Place went to Team GPM.

Another activity held was the Christmas Ball decoration contest where everyone was encouraged to decorate a Christmas ball for a donation of P25.  The Christmas balls eventually were used to decorate the Christmas trees located in the different floors of GPM.  The five winners of the Christmas Ball Decoration were Princess Mair Tagumpay of Wrist for her entry “Christmas is Joy and Happiness”; Myra Katrina Barbin of OTSI for her entry “Christmas Gift”; Jonalyn Mogenague of GPM for her entry “Home for Christmas’; Venicel Balingcos of GPM for her entry “Baby Jesus, Center of Christmas” and Christian Joseph Lopez of OTSI for “Hope”.  The proceeds of the Christmas Ball decorations will go to a feeding program to be scheduled in January.

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