Lots of Treats at GPMs 2017 Magsaysay Trick or Treat

On October 27, 2017, kids of all ages had a grand time at the 16th, 17th and 19th Floors of the Times Plaza Building. These äoors were decorated by GPM and their client teams in celebration of the 2017 Magsaysay Trick or Treat.

It was a wintery feeling at the 16th äoor as Santa Fe Relocation decorated the lobby with scenes from the movie Frozen. Travel People and One Team Services conspired to turn the 17th äoor into an enchanted forest inspired by the movie Trolls. On the 19th äoor, GPM transformed the lobby into the underwater world of Nemo and Dory. Their efforts were recognized as the 19th äoor won third place and the 17th äoor won second place in the Floor Decorating Contest.

But the real winners were all the kids of Magsaysay employees who participated in this year’s Trick or Treat drab in their wonderful costumes. It was a day marked with fun, adventure and a lot of treats for everyone.

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